Monday, February 27, 2012

Post Oscars

I got my wish: The Artist for Best Picture and Jean Dujardin for Best Actor. Sorry George.
Nice surprise was Michel Hazanavicius for Director. So while Hugo got the Tech Awards
The Artist was the big win with the top awards.

The other surprise was Meryl Streep. While she was great in "The Iron Lady" I didn't
think much of the film itself. But she was overdue, so good for her.
And the Muppets got best song considering there was no competition from "RIO"
and no other song was nominated which didn't make sense.

Our list for Best and Worst will be coming this week due to that I'm getting on the plae tomorrow night
and heading out to Puerto Rico. Then the live shows will continue this coming weekend.

I the meantime check out our shows on as we started the live shows with Justin
mainly because that is the easiest to use. will premiere in PR.

Livestream will be used as our tv channel when it premieres later this spring.
See you at the live shows.

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