Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BAFTA Awards 2012 Pt.1


Here is the list and winners of the English verion of the Oscars.

I have to agree with "The Artist", for Best Picture and Actor. Sorry George.
But Best Screenplay which took away form Woody Allen's win.
Ain't this a silent movie. That one I can't figure out.
I've seen this twice already and can't wait for the Blu-ray release.
So I'm glad this one th major awards. Sorry Marty.
As much as I love Hugo I have to give "The Artist" the nod.
Again they are both a tied for me. Apples and Oranges.

As Best Actress goes, I live Meryl Streep but the film
was disappointing and I felt it took away from her performance.
Of course this is ignored since Streep honored one of their own.

Part 2 tomorrow.

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