Wednesday, February 22, 2012

9/11 Memorial Visit

I finally visited the memorial in NYC. The weather was great and waiting in line was not that long.
When it first opened in 2011 there was at least an hour wait if you were lucky to get tickets early that there you choose. Yes the ticket are free. But there is a check in point like the airport but you don't have to take your sneakers off. LOL.
This was special as I worked in these buildings in the 80's and in which I live less than a mile away from the location. As a matter of fact I saw these buildings from by bedroom everyday.
What makes this special is that I knew one of the victims who was there that day.
More on this and more pictures coming next month. These will also be post on my Facebook
next month once I get the bugs out on my page.
This is the first waterfall facing Church st.

Coming soon: Best and Worst of the year 2011.
Then final predictions for Oscars: The Artist all the way!

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