Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Foo Fighter Grammy Speech Pt. 2

Sorry for the delay on this but here is the rest on the speech.

As an experienced musician recording in studios on analog tape
I welcome the digital era. Tape is expensive and trying to get
everyone at the studio at the same time per the hour is also
expensive, then recording the different parts like the guitar solo
then background vocals and layering the different tracks again
is time and money.
But the experience can't be beat as it makes a great musician
n the stage. Look at bands like RUSH who are tight as hell on stage.
The way we are recording with the digital equipment is not replacing
the old methods but making use of the new tools for more practical use
The programs we use are tools and are not replacing the instruments
themselves. Adding more efficiency to the overall product.
This is really great for us songwriters who can play multiple instruments
and show the band how the final song should sound like in the end.
In another month or so you will see us work in the studio with these tools
when we go live Livetream an Justin.tv.
More on that will be posted on our site and on this blog. Stay tune for that.

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