Thursday, February 09, 2012

Godzilla Blu-ray Criterion Edition Pt. 1

Great job on this re-issue of the original Black and White classic.
Details on this disc will come tomorrow but for now...

1. Brand new transfer which is 90% better than hte frist release on blu-ray a few years back.
That was horrible as it was just a transfer with no clean up whatsoever. All scrathes and dirt
and cut frames were all there. Very annoying to say the least.
Even tho it's not perfect, some scracthes do show up due to how old the film is, it has gone thru
the latest umpter techniques and tools. The sound has even been put thru Pro Tools and you can
tell the difference from the previous releases. 

2. The previous Blu-ray release was just the original Japanese version with a few features
even tho it does have a commentary from Steve Ryfle. That came from the Classic Media series
of the 1950-60's Godzilla collection which included Godzilla - The Original Japanese Masterpiece.
A 2-disc collection which included both the Original Japanese version and the American cut.

3. Now if you have that 2 Disc collection DO NOT get rid of it. The commentaries on that collection are complete different from this new Criterion collection. Again this is for Godzilla Purists. Trust me on this one. The first Blu-ray callec Gojira sucked and cost way to much money. For me I have the 2 Disc collection from Classic Media and this new Criterion and both share the the shelf as the perfect bookends for my collection.

Next in Part 2: More on the commentaries and the features.

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