Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lego Batman No. 1 for 2 Weeks

New show Live on MNN this Saturday and hopefully a radio show before then. In the Bonus section Videos of Oscars nods for SFX of Rogue One, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Beasts included.

5 out of 5. This movie had everything. Great sense of humor, something DC totally lacks. And the mishmap of concepts was perfect. This should have gotten a May release instead of getting dumped in February. More reviews coming this week.

4 out of 5. Brutel, violent, high body count. Loved it. Bring on No. 3. In another interview he expressed interest in a Matrix 4 if only the W Brothers would do it. Those guys haven't done anything worth while since Matrix 1-3 and only Matriz 1 was good, 2 was horrible and  was a suck fest. Forget all this Keanu. Just stick with Wick, a brand new franchise wortha couple of sequels.

So we are getting that extra scene at the end credits. But read the final paragraph which Patrick Stewart says Jackman is just saying he's kidding to promote the movie. Common we all want to see him do Deadpool, right?

Speaking of which. The one day I didn't work on the film and this happens, lol. That would have been interesting. This is one of the reasons I haven't been posting as much due to this workload. I also signed an agreement which is one of the reasons I can't talk about it for now.

More of a tease than anything else. Well at least there's no mention of Mechagodzilla. Which Director Edwards wanted to do. With Classic opponents like Mothra and King G why deal with Mecha? No wonder he went to do Rogue One.

Screw this. Where's the director cut? The one where Ms. Jones goes head on with that Tie-fighter on the plank. That's the one the fans want to see. Well got to settle with this one. Which ain't a bad thing.

5 discs, then 4 disc set then finally a 3 disc set, all with different features and covers. How is a fan suppose to chose? Or are they taking advantage of us fans that we're going to buy all different packages at once? robbery just plain robbery! and no I haven't decided which one I will buy first, lol.

Bonus One:
3 films nominated for SFX at the Oscars. My nod goes to Rogue One.

And another video for SFX:

Bonus Two: Oscar Predictions

Thsi article pretyy much says it all. At least Denzel and Viola will get their dues.
Still with Jeff Bridges as Suppt Actor, Mel Gibson as Best Director. Actress? Who cares.
Best Picture: First Hacksaw Ridge but now that Hidden Secrets got the nod I'm going with Secrets.
Everything else? For the first time in 27 years I give up. It's not fun anymore.

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