Monday, February 27, 2017

And The Winner is...?

New radio show coming this week: Oscar wrap up and news. New Live on MNN posted on Youtube.
Update: 2 new videos posted below in the bonus section: Paxton with a Kong and music video star.

Not a good sign. All across the message boards and internet, everyone agrees on 2 things: Postponing this means they got a problem on their hands. And again why are they going backwards in the timeline. Remember? To boldly go where no one has gone before like to the future? And nobody is crazy about paying for this either. Losing all around.

Previously this week;
No the title has nothing to do with KK vs Godzilla. That's about the Oscars But that's below.
Well thanks to the trailer we now know what the first half of the movie is about. It's pretty easy to figure out. And Kong still gets the girl as in all the Kong movies do. But the ending will be different from all other movies as if he doesn't get off the island and climbs a tall building. Or does he? lol.
Includes video of highlights from the show but as mentioned on our Live showJust look at all the films nominated that few people saw. How are you going to attract an audience when they couldn't care less who wins. But I do love the idea that La La Land lost. So damn overated. Still can't believe it got that many nominations.
The rest of the winners were predictable. And Denzel lost. And all my other ones I wanted to win also lost. This year was a wipe out. Well at least Suicide Squad got it for Best Makeup out of all things. For me the winner was Jimmy Kimmel. He was spot on with his comedy. And he should come back. Best part ? Bus load of tourists crashing the awards. I'll have more of a review saved for a new radio show this week.
So this is what happened. Like the last paragraph said "They had one job" in giving out the envelope and they screwed that up. Now that's funny.
"Game over man" Wow at 61 too, what a shame. But he did leave a grat bodyof work. And his family can say he was in one of the top  pictures of all time with Titanic. My favorite. The marine in Aliens.
"Why don't you make her in charge, man?"

Yep Paxton did he's own Kong movie with a remake of Mighty Joy Young. Trivia: Ray Harryhausen put down Godzilla saying it's only a guy in a suit. In this version, some scenes it's CGI  but in scenes with Joe Kong in the park (jail) it's a guy in the suit ! Yes perfomed by legendary Rick Baker.

2nd bonus
 Paxton the singer. This was the only muscic video that James Cameron ever directed. And if you look closely you will see some of the actors in Aliens in this video.
Note: Also check out "HowCan The Labouring Man Find Time For Self Culture" video which should show up in the Up Next column. He was really into music and videos for the MTV generation.

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