Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Logan's Wolverine No. 1

New Live on MNN this Saturday. New BTR radio show now playing. Logan, KK, GZ talk.

Kong battles the Wolverine at the box office for the No. 1 spot. To be honest this will be a tought one.
As the article states, even the studio didn't think Logan would be that huge opening weekend. And those who were dissappointed in the previous 2 entries and were not goin to see this are now going.
Then of course we have the other side of the spectrum. We Godzilla fans want to see this one be a huge hit so we can to the biggest showdown between two icons. Then we have Disney's powerhouse Beauty and the beast arond the corner. Here is my question tho:
Why the hell did they release these 3 during March when they could've taken Memorial Day and July 4th by storm. So what do we get? Another Transformers movie for Indy Day..ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Check out the documentary on Youtube. It's cut up into 4 pieces last time I saw it tho.

So they got a world wide hit. And Jackman swears he won't do another one. First of all remember, no one really dies in sci-fi/fantasy/comic book movies. We all know Superman is coming back right?
Second, also mentioned in the article below, the studio has new management and are willing to make  "R" movies. Pay him enough and he could do a Deadpool movie. So many options here and no dead ends.

Some spoilers but this includes Hughs screen test and how he got the part. That poor other actor tho, lol.

Cool video seeing Jackman screaming his head off, lol. Even tho its only a snippet, the rest are scenes from the movie, it gives you a good insight of what he does in the booth for overdubbing.

For Best Picture and Director no less. Way to go big guy! Guess the other awards were for effects.
But the funniest thing was the best foreign picture which went to Sully, a film that was ignored at the Oscars. Then again what do they know? They couldn't even get the best pciture catagory right, lol.

Who? Oh him from the Harry Potter series. That's right, thye got themselves an English dude for a captain. Kind of makes sense. That had a French captian so why not. But what kills me is he was born in LIverpool. Yep the same place as The Beatles came from. Now that's cool.

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