Sunday, March 17, 2013

Toto/Oz Show Redux

Well we tried our best to clean up the last show and it's best considered
for the show to be redone. For those who have listened to the show not
to worry as a lot of new information and news will be added to this show
so we can catch up on last weeks news. So the best of the previous show
will be condensed for those who couldn't understand and felt you might
have missed out on some news.
Also we did a test bed this afternoon on the Furankisan channel to test
the new mike and sound with help with Audacity program. It sounded
much better without the dropouts and all that. So the show will be done
either Monday or Tuesday then the previous show will be deleted.
Let's face it, it sucks. LOL.
Again thanks to everyone for being patient and your support.

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