Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sound Testing on BTR

Just to let everyone know while we have the new show playing
we are doing sound tests this weekend to try to fix that sound problem
which is turning out to be a windows 8 thingy.
This will go on all weekend but these will be erased as the weekend
progresses as I'm only allowed 2 hours per day to load up so as I go
on these test beds will be deleted  to make room.

In the meantime Jedi Pt. 2 is now playing and the sound was much
better except for the first 10 minutes there was some echo problem.
More details about the show topics will be posted later this weekend.

We are having a new show on WEDNESDAY as I won't be able
to do it on our regular scheduled day which is Thursday.

Thanks again to everyone for your support.

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