Saturday, March 09, 2013

BTR Live Show Sound Issues Addressed.

Above is a link to Blog Talk Radio Study Hall. This is one of the many blogs
that producers are sent to make better shows. If you listen to this show at
approximately 9.00 -10.00 minutes into it you will hear the broadcast starts
having dropouts. And this is what they do as a business and it happened to them.
So this was exactly the same problem we encountered during our show.

This is a response in answering the question as to why we had that dropout
problem as we are at the mercy of the internet and outside connections.
And this is no reflection on Blog Talk Radio itself.

We are currently addressing this issue and will continue the show weekly
as per our schedule. Hell or high water we will go on. Thanks to everybody
for standing by us while we deal with this. And hopefully the show
will improve as time goes on.

And special thanks to Blog Talk Radio as of today we have been chosen
as a featured host on their site. Very nice surprise indeed. And to all who
have been listening so far.

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