Thursday, June 13, 2013

Superman Sequel Already?

They did this same trick with The Green Lantern a few years back. Opening weekend Box Office was a disaster so they tried to cover it up by saying they were impress with the numbers and going ahead with a sequel. A ploy to get people excited for the movie. A plan that backfired cause in the end nobody cared. Word of mouth killed that quick.
But the difference with this is they have to get a sequel going as they want to tie this up with Batman franchise. Director Wolfgang Peterson was going to do this but was given Troy with Brad Pitt instead. Then the big giant poster seen in I Am Legend with the Superman and Batman logo was a big hint of the picture being made.
And there are rumors of hints of Batman in the new Men of Steel picture. You have to look carefully for it.
More on this in the 2nd season Premiere on Blog Talk Radio as soon as I see the new Superman.
It's got to be better than Iron Man 3 I hope. Details on the new show coming this weekend.

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