Monday, June 24, 2013

2 Mini Reviews

Monster University: 4 out of 5
Cute movie with second half paying tribute to old school horror. Not as funny as the first one but way better than last years Brave by Pixar. That plain stunk. Now I have faith in Finding Dory for the sequel to Finding Nemo. Pixar got that sequel/prequel right. Even tho I am one of the few that liked Cars 2 better than the first one which was too long and boring.

WWZ: 4 out of 5
With way out of budget and a 3rd act reshoot I thought this wouldn't have a chance. This proves you can make a Zombie movie without the gore and sorely depend on the action and scares to get you involve. Not stop from beginning to end. This is more I Am Legend than Walking Dead. But better.

All in all both will added to my Blu-ray collection. Yep both are keepers.

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