Friday, May 24, 2013

Mini Fast 6 Review: 4.5 out of 5

Update: Stick around for the end credits, I didnt see that coming!
Fast 5 gets a 5 out of 5 first of all.

This is a great follow up to F5.
So here are the pros:
1. no super hero staying home while robot dummies do the work.
2. no lies about super villian is nothing more than an actor.
3. no relaying on over 75% CGI to achieve action sequences.
4. no revisiting previous tv show and movies plots .

And he is the con: Vin Diesel saying we are family, he's been saying this on the talk shows rounds
and says it quite a few times in the movie. It's in the trailers.
Actually it is about family, that's why it works.
ok then no cons.

Wrap up: great action scenes that are just as good as Fast 5 without doing them.
Everyone gets their share of the action.
Like ST: Darkness no chance of dozing of and not feeling like a slow dreadful 2 hours.
(thank you IM3)
Michelle Rodriguez coming back from the dead, explained, who cares,  back kicking ass
and a lot of it.
Like ST: Darkness good sense of humor about itself and not self bloated smartass (IM3)

So: Going back again, buying the BR and where the hell is 7, Hurry up already!

Update: New show will finally go on when I head back to NY next week. More details
after the holidays.

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