Saturday, May 04, 2013

Director Steven Soderbergh speech.

Last article on the state of Hollywood making movies. This is the most updated info
on this topic thanks to Steven Soderbergh. This will be the last topic on the business
of movies which is fitting since it fits with Iron Man 3 and the business behind that.
We will go back with more movie news and reviews and leave the business to
I pushed back the Big MIsh Mash show to include for the reason that Iron Man 3
is a total mishmash and a lousy film so it fits. Not happy with IM3 thats for sure.
Fav 3: 42, Pain and Gain, Kon Tiki believe or not. More on the show.

Note: Below link has the video from Vimeo and the audio on Soundcloud which is
located at the bottom if you scroll down. Bioth the same for your convenience.
Soderbergh nails it pretty good.

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