Thursday, July 05, 2012

BTR Spiderman Bonanza Postponed.

As we went back to work a lot of my fellow employees did not get a chance to see Spidey.
Their word is God, these are solid movie fans who are always there for their superheroes.
The holiday got in the way and then back to work. And they didn't get a chance to see it.
Yes some did but not all and that told me it wouldn't be fair to do the Bonanza show.
So we are postponing to give everyone a chance to see the Spidey reboot and then talk
about it as we will be mentioning spoilers. And we will compare this to the Tobey/Rami films.

Spidey gets a 3.5 out of 5. But go see it in 3D which was excellent in the second half
and watch out for Imax. If you sit in the first couple of rows you are going to miss
a lot of the action as the camera is all over the place but to a highly effective effect.

And of course stick around for that extra scene after the credits but google and you
can see that scene anyways.

More info tomorrow with Google plus!
Thanks for being there.

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