Saturday, July 21, 2012

Batman Mini Review

Dark Knight Rises: 5 out of 5

Micheal Cane for Best supporting Actor!

Great input from everybody,  you can call this
a great ensemble cast. Excellent script that puts everything
together. Note: Review the first movie as it really ties the trilogy together.
Can't say to much without going into spoilers. But second best next to
The AVengers and yes it does have a lot of action but remember this is
a Bruce Wayne story so Batman does have to compete with a large cast.
And I really love that thing Fox calls "The BAT" variation for the Batwing.
Look: Just see the damn movie. You'll love it. And no nobody is threatening me while writing this.

See you on MNN at 5 pm later this afternoon,
and more pictures added to my Google Plus page this weekend.

Don't forget Big Batman show this oming Wedneday
and on Tuesday solo show Where No Man Has Gone Before.

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