Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Despicable Me 3 For No. 1

New updates on Baby Driver, Rodriquez, Hugh Jackman (see bonus for Greatest Showman).
We will be back Live on MNN July 15. In the meantime repeats are still be played until then.

Mini-review: Transformers 5: 2, the worst of the lot. If it wasn't for Hopkins and the robot butler, who were very funny, this was a bloated and boring long ass movie. And burrowed ideas? 3 headed dragon aka King Gidorah. Spaceship from under the sea aka Cameron's The Abyss? Shame, I like the series with 1 and Moon (Sentinel Prime !) my favorites. Who doesn't love Rock em Sock em robots? Again another tired franchise that needs a break. Bring in Bumblebee solo movie already.

Could this be the surprise action hit of the summer? Fans of F8 and cars should love it. But what gets me is this app is by real people and not critics. Well that should leave a lot of them out of work, lol.

"And do what?" The comments all over were not in her favor. that's for sure.  Guess that whole Wonder Woman thing got to her but did you see "The Assignment" where she tries to stretch her acting skills? (yes besides her going full frontal for you hounddogs out there which is kind of setting the womans movement backwards when you think about it.). Well at least Cameron's got her back in Battle Angel. And she does have 2 top 10 grossing films of all time. Still she shouldn't push it. Right now there are at least over 1000 actresses ready to be Vins girlfriend, and they'll be cheaper to hire.

DM3 is going to kill it for sure. Especially for July 4th week. Only if some like me were very disappointed with DM2. The minions turning into purple creatures were dumb and that villian was annoying. Either way no competition for sure except Spidey next weekend and Wonder Woman still having last laugh as it's still in the top 5. Everyone else are disappearing very fast. No legs whats so ever, right Wonder Woman? lol.

Well talk about a lousy opening for a major franchise. Another sequel biting the dust. But didn't anhyone notice the Knights theme was a dead horse when King Arthur tanked? The signs were there. And know the robots are already old news. The catch here is the big opening in China but from Saturday to Sunday there was a big drop in attendance. Remember I said when T4 opened it barely cleared $100m with the studio bragging the money mark only to have it drop to $25 the next weekend. ON 4th of July weekend! Yep they sure shout up after that. Well again it happened, only it took one weekend in China. Also across the boards it cleared less by losing a third of the box office from the last film.

Finally a sequel that is getting rave reviews. And finally full attention is going to Andy Serkis with actual Oscar seriousness. His name has been mentioned but the Oscars has just planed shrug about it. Is it his time for an award. All across the boards and reviews say it is time and he should recognized after all years and movies.

This has really shaken up the industry but maybe the fault is with Disney for putting on too much pressure on making these films work. At the end I like to see who gets the final credit for directing this. The guys got paid sure enough but will the Directors Guild credit them or will Howard get the final credit. A lot is riding on this on the future of Directors before taking a gig and not getting the credit they deserve regardless of paycheck or not. Translation: Future employment.

"But wait Frank, Frakes is directing a few episodes so this is going to work out great!"
Fascinating, not ! So what, they are still going where man has gone before..backwards! Cue Enterprise sing-along. Man I hope I am wrong on this but its about treks future not the past.
If Rodenbarry was alive this wouldn't happen thats for sure.

The film project I spent 3 months working on. And all worth it. Nope you don't see me yet. But see the bearded fat lady sing. Oscar nod and real funny on the set. Fox is going to push this like crazy and I'll be braggin like nuts so get used to it, lol. This will be this years La la land. But much better everything. I thought Land was overrated anyways with all the hype. Glad it lost. Hugh & co. will win.

Does anyone remember me saying how they can expand the Bond universe?
Remember the rumour of Edris Alba as James Bond? Regardless of Race, he could have been 009 as he was seen as the clown who gets kills at the beginning of Octopussy. Also in Russia to Love when Bond enters the big room and you see 9 chairs, backs to the camera, and Bond sits in the empy one?
So? Well give Alba the spinoff of 009 and there you go. And have all the others aka Felix, Moneypenny, Q , M etc in the film as 009 reports to the office.
BUT.. this idea everyone having thier own movie aka Verse just plain sucks. They are not leading characters, they are supporting regardless of Felix having his own novel series. Are they that empty again with ideas? Well Monkey see monkey do.
Ps I do agree that Brosnan films were not all that (only Goldeneye had the spirit) but neither was Craigs. Spectre sucked (poor reharsh of You Only Live Twice) and Solace is the worst (Bourne ripoff, damn that editing). Just have Craig do one more as the sendoff and lets get on with a new Bond already.

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