Wednesday, May 24, 2017

RIP 007 Roger Moore

Note: Bonus section has my tribute to Roger Moore with 2 videos from our YouTube page. Also another blog this week to catch up with other news plus more coverage on Sir Moore including my favorite Bond Films of his. Then a radio show sometime next week after Pirates premiere with a review and full reviews including why I hate this damn Alien franchise. I worked with James Franco and to see him in a cameo in Convenant was a complete insult to him.

Guardians still rule the box office
To put it simple: Aliens won by a edge of only $1M which is a joke in itself. Guardians has been out 3 wks and still kicked Aliens Ass. The ghost of Prometheus really sank this one. This should have cleared at least $50M. Even early predictions of $40M plus didn't help matters as this is just an embarrasement all around. World Wide is also doing bad. With Pirates around the corner it's safe to say Aliens is DOA. And not matter how bad the reviews for Pirates are, it's still has its fan base and Memorial Day weekend to cash in.

Mini-review. Aliens C: 2 out of 5. Ok not bad as Prometheus (could it really be worse than that?) After 45 minutes of a boring setup we get a big crash. Cool. 1 point. Then another 4 minutes of David the boring Android meets his twin and zzzzzzzzzzzz. Big showdown at the end. Another point. And guess how they get rid of the Alien? They shove him into outta space. Aww C'mon!!. Don't give me that spoiler alert crap. You think there would be any other way? And what happen to those 2 big deleted scenes? The last supper and the Shaw sequence. Another point I hated. He killed her off after she put him back together. Reminded me of Alien 3 (which I hated, less said of 4 the better). You kill off both Hicks and the girl and throw bishop in the trash. What bullshit.  What I hate is the whole prequel story. It just plain sucks. Fk the engineers, Fk David, Fk the prequels.They should have done the Sigorney Weaver sequel to Parts 1 & 2 and continue that time line. And Director Scott is still bragging about another prequel. Ugh. Box Office will say better especially if it tanks in China.
Not to sound like a cynic amoung the sad situation but on the business side of things, doesn't this scenerio sound just like SW Rogue One. Bringing in another director to finish the projct the way the studio wants it. Even tho they are kind of vague and just a matter of fact on playing this down. I'm not fooled. Just to much of a coincidence. What, too Cynical?
And doesn't this sound familiar? A whole group being put together by a special program to deal with darker forces to protect the greater good. The new Godzilla Franchise anyone? No, aww c'mon!

Bonus Dedication:
I saw Roger Moore at a book signing at Barnes & Nobles, NYC at my lunch hour. So couldn't by the book ans tand in line. But went to the second floor and about 40 ft away I saw him sitting behind the desk singing his book. But before I took a picture in which the employees saw me and others trying to do the same they block us by stocking up boxes and blocking our view. My memory of him? A great tan and those big glasses. Well at least I saw a Bond and I'm grateful for that as he was my favorite next to Connery as I grew up mostly with Moore.

Note: Go to our You Tube page for assorted Bond clips including Sir Moore clips. Here are two:
And Moore playing James Bond back in 1964 even before he was considered. Ironic aint it?

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