Sunday, April 08, 2012

Titanic Trivia Answer

So what do these items have in common?
Well first I'm talking about 2 Directors: James Cameron and Ridley Scott.
Main trivia in on the bottom shelf: Kingdom of Heaven about the Crusades,
it being Easter Weekend and a religous holiday. An excellent 4 disc DVD set that has a lot of behind the scenes making of that NOT on the Blu-ray. Then of course he did Alien
which Cameron did the sequel Aliens 2.
So here is the bonus point: Planet of the Apes in the corner of the second shelve?
Well Cameron with Arnold (Terminator) were going to do Apes then Chris Columbus
of Potter Franchise took over and after 5 scripts the projet was dead for years. Then we all knew what happen after that don't we?
Top shelve of course represents the 2 biggest movies of all time with Titanic 3D re-release
which did not do all that much world wide considering spending over 2 yrs and $20m on it.
All of these are from my collection of over 30 yrs in storage: The 1500 piece puzzle with it's
shrink wrap still on it is the oldest of the bunch.
More collectibles are going to be shown in the next 3 weeks before heading back to NYC
as all these are in boxes in PR. Stay tune for more.

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