Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes Winners

Well I got most of them right except I screwed up in the
Best Picture category saying "The Artist" when that got
it for Best Foreign Picture instead. I would have gone
with "The Help or "Hugo" for that matter.

But The head scratchers were:

Song: Madonna instead of Sir Elton? Even Roger Ebert went on Twitter
stating he had to check IMDB since he didn't recognize it and said
"And I do this for a living"

Score: Artist instead Hugo. Actually they're both good.

Animation: Tin Tin over Rango? Really? I did not like Tin and Loved
Rango. So screw that. I know which Blu-ray I'm getting.

TV Drama. What the hell is Homeland? was the big Twitter last night.
Never heard of it until a friend pointed to the poster on a bus.
Boardwalk should have gotten it.

As I said for the past couple of years. Who ever wins on Globes
wins at Oscar except for the occasional oddball like Best Picture.

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